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August 2020

Another End Systems Innovation!

You’ll have gathered from our previous posts that we’re all about innovation here at End Systems. This enables us to provide our clients with the latest and best products to suit their needs.

Along with our numerous other documentation services, we offer Tenant Information Packs. Basically a user guide for new tenants taking over their brand new apartments!

To advance this process, we can now provide each tenant with a QR code, rather than a hard copy document.

Meaning less storage space to think of, and less paper!

Instant access to everything you need to know about how your apartment works.

And… the ability to have that information in the palm of your hand!

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us via [email protected], or via telephone on 01942 673 229 then Option 3 to speak to our Documentation Team!

View the full range of our documentation services here https://www.endsystems.co.uk/services/technical-documentation/

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End Systems & BSRIA

As long standing members of BSRIA, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the new Handover Information and O&M Manuals (BG 79/2020) Guide.

The effective operation of a complex asset such as a building relies on the availability of accurate information about the asset itself, and an understanding of the business it serves. Much of the information about the asset is delivered at handover of the construction project to the client.

This guide covers the various documentation delivered and activities carried out at handover of a building, with particular focus on operating and maintenance (O&M) manuals.

If you or your colleagues require any further guidance or understanding of BG 79/2020, then please get in touch!

You can also view the documentation services that we can offer here https://www.endsystems.co.uk/services/technical-documentation/

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Bringing Client Training to a Screen Near You!

Are you struggling to get full attendance on client training sessions due to COVID restrictions? Would you like to be able to view instructional videos on how your building operates via your mobile device? End Systems can offer you that as a service.

Our video production team can record the visual and audio from your session and edit the footage into a final product showcasing the operation and maintenance of your building fabric, mechanical and electrical systems.

You can get a taster of what we can offer by viewing the below footage, and then contact a member of our team today via [email protected] or on 01942 673229 for more information!

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End Systems – Getting You Back in Business

Returning to work is everyone’s number one priority right now, but how prepared is your business?

By facing the challenges of Coronavirus together, we can help ensure your staff feel safe, so they can concentrate on doing a great job.

Be safe

Understandably many business owners and property managers are concerned about buildings that have been left dormant or under capacity during lockdown.

With a 40-year reputation built on quality, value and skills; with End Systems assistance you can be confident reopening. By controlling the risk in re-occupying you can be Safe in the knowledge that every member of your workforce, and every visitor, will be protected while on your premises.

Be compliant

The World Health Organisation has recently published information about the airborne transmission of COVID-19. This new information further emphasises the importance of having good, effective ventilation in a building. Ensuring correct air change rates in an occupied space has always been an important design consideration and perhaps perceived as only being critical in healthcare settings.  Given our ‘new normal’, the emphasis on correct air change rates across all occupied settings is becoming crucial. End Systems can survey and re-commission your existing systems to meet such requirements with our team of qualified engineers.

Other considerations include that of dormant water systems, It is the legal responsibility of employers, property owners (e.g. landlords), and/or persons involved in the control or maintenance of facilities to assess, monitor and manage the risks associated with Legionella pneumophilia bacteria. This could involve setting up a water management program which includes regular testing of water systems. One way of monitoring the risk of Legionella is to test and control the temperature of water supplies: to prevent the growth of Legionella pneumophilia, water should be cooled to below 20°C or heated to above 60°C. End Systems can carry out detailed testing to survey water temperatures, carry out water quality sampling and re-chlorination of water systems

We can ensure your building services systems are performing in accordance with industry guidelines by taking a risk based approach that can be managed and monitored during your transition period.

We can help you with:

  • Ventilation surveys
  • Re-commissioning to avoid recirculation and increase fresh air supply
  • AHU filter checks
  • Air quality checks / ductwork cleanliness checks
  • Water hygiene risk assessments
  • Legionella testing
  • Re-chlorination of domestic water systems
  • Energy optimisation surveys

Be ready

In these uncertain times, your people are counting on you to help get them back to work. You can rely on our expertise to help you do it safely.

If you would like more information about how End Systems can help get your business ready to reopen, contact us today at [email protected] or call 01942 673229.

End Systems – Keeping That Winning Feeling…

Partnering with Designer Group, End Systems are proud to carry out the Commissioning & Testing, Water Treatment and Project Documentation on TJX Watford, a £70 million project .

The new bespoke headquarters for TK Maxx in Watford will see the construction of three distinct buildings of seven, ten and twelve storeys. The development also incorporates improvement to green spaces, and locality to the nations capital city!

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