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November 2020

Your Ticket to Our Virtual Museum

For today’s exhibit, we’re showcasing our beautiful incline and micro-manometers!

From left to right, we have an incline manometer from the early 1970’s, with the other three micro-manometers from the 80’s, 90’s and 2010’s to now respectively!

We use micro-manometers to measure the airflow of a given run of ductwork, checking that the flow meets our clients design criteria, ensuring the resultant space is properly ventilated.

We’ll be posting some more exhibits next week, so keep your diary free!

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Commissioning Equipment Through The Years

Due to our rich history in the commissioning and testing field, we’ve amassed a varied collection of equipment over the years, so we thought we’d let you have a sneak peak into our virtual museum!

The picture in this post shows the evolution of temperature and humidity recording devices from the 1970’s to present day! These instruments record the temperature and humidity of a given space over a specific time period, which in turn will produce a graph showing the findings!

From left to right we have a 1970’s/80’s thermo hygro-graph, commonly known as a ‘rat trap’, a battery powered mid 1980’s thermo hygro-graph, a 1990’s/early 2000’s thermo hygro-graph, right down to our present day instrument the ‘tiny tag’ which we still use today!

It’s great to see how things have evolved in our industry over the years… keep your eyes peeled for more exhibits!

An Insight Into Our Home From Home

So we recently moved home, as some of you may know, from our first home in Leigh, to our new home in Newton-Le-Willows!

Our team are loving our new office environment, and really seeing the benefits of working in such an open and inspiring space!

We’re drawing ever closer to finalising the interior design, so we got our very own Ellis Ratchford to take some shots to show you how our office is looking these days! Enjoy!

Work Winning!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with BAM Services Engineering on the £20m project Chorlton High School.

The new three-storey ‘superblock’ school will facilitate 1,200 students and includes a two-storey sports hall, along with the South building which will be equipped with the state-of-the-art specialist equipment to facilitate and support students.

End Systems will be undertaking the Commissioning Management along with the production of a full suite of Building Fabric and Building Services Documentation.

Offering Great Service Throughout Lockdown 2.0!

End Systems are continuing to operate safely throughout Lockdown 2.0, with a core team in the office, our wider site team out in the field, and our WFH contingent!

Utilising our multiskilled workforce, we can assist you on a range of projects with our multitude of service offerings, check out what we can offer here https://www.endsystems.co.uk/services/

Get in touch today via [email protected] or 01942 673 229 to find out more.

Take care of one another, be kind, and stay safe.

#endsystems #buildingexpectations #hvac #lockdown #construction