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January 2021

🐠New Recruits!🐠

End Systems are proud to announce that we have recruited some new team mascots!

We recently took delivery of a fish tank and some freshwater tropical fish, with each of our teams naming some of the fish too!

Rightly or wrongly, we have even named two of the fish Salt & Vinegar….

Just a little something to brighten up your Friday!

That Winning Feeling✅

End Systems are pleased to announce that we have been selected by Ameon Limited to commence works on a large Historic project based in Liverpool.

The project is a large commercial office building which has a 350,000 sq.ft commercial space that will include complex remedial work, façade repairs and cleaning, as well as renewal of more than 50% of office space.

End Systems will be carrying out the Commissioning & Testing and the Water Treatment on this exclusive project.

#endsystems #buildingexpectations #winning

Turn Blue Monday Into Brew Monday!☕️

Today is traditionally known as Blue Monday, a day of snoozing alarms, hugging the quilt that bit tighter, and feeling a little bit low.

Well, the Samaritans are flipping it on its head, and changing it to Brew Monday!

Take some time today to have a chat, offload the negativity and grab yourself a hot cuppa whilst doing it! Check out the great work the Samaritans do here – https://www.samaritans.org/support-us/campaign/brew-monday/

Remember; its ok to not be ok, talk to someone, be kind to your mind.

Lights, Camera, Action!💡🎥🎬

This week we’ve been filming some of our internal training sessions with our Assistant Commissioning Engineer Dan Murray in front of the camera doing the presenting!

Dan has been running through our extensive list of commissioning equipment, explaining the ins and outs of setting it up, and how we use it on site.

If you have any training sessions on your build, mechanical or electrical systems planned in for your project, then we can offer the filming of those sessions as a service.

Providing you with a professionally edited video, enabling you to train anyone you like, anywhere you please!

👏🏻Double Qualification Announcement!👏🏻

We’d like to congratulate our very own Sam Bruce on the recent passing of his CSA Grade 4 with Distinction-Merit, and also on the completion and passing of his LEV P601 course too!

All the hard work and learning has paid off for Sam, good luck with your CSA Grade 5 studies, and well done!

If you would like to enquire about our LEV testing capabilities, then please get in touch via [email protected] and check out what we offer over on our Services page.

🎉Happy New Year!🎉

We’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2021!

Our team are back in the office and out on site this morning, ready to offer you the same great service we always have!

Check out our range of services here – https://www.endsystems.co.uk/services/