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March 2020

End Systems – Being The Best We Can Be!

This week two of our team members attended a seminar held by the Army with a view of linking up with them to employ ex service personnel.

We already have a history of employing ex service personnel, however, as we always want to look to the future, we’re keen to see how we can keep employing those leaving the Army, and use their transferrable skillset to integrate them into our industry and our existing team!

A massive thank you goes to the Army for inviting us along… We’re looking forward to see what’s in store!

End Systems – Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

This Sunday, 8th March, is International Women’s Day.

We’re proud of each and every single member of our team here at End Systems, however this post is in appreciation of the women that make our business great!

We caught up with three of our team members, Lauren White, Bethan Jackson and our MD Kay Corlett, and asked them which woman inspires them the most.

Please head to our LinkedIn page to see the video of their responses!

End Systems Engineering Week – David Corlett

I commenced working for End Systems as a Trainee Commissioning Engineer in 1986 having had no previous experience in the construction industry or more specifically, mechanical engineering or commissioning.

I still recall my first project was Britoil Office HQ, located in Glasgow, where I joined a large team of commissioning engineers and commenced my ‘on the job’ training. This was very challenging but interesting and I quickly had to grasp the basics of commissioning and testing (Commissioning is defined as the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client. Commissioning ensures optimised performance and efficiency of the HVAC system).

I progressed to being able to commission HVAC systems myself, write (I do mean write in longhand on paper with an actual pen!) reports and subsequently progressed to become a fully-fledged Commissioning Engineer (complete with a company van with a fully working AM radio (not DAB!), full set of HVAC test equipment/tools & my own assistant to mentor & train).

I then continued to progress as a senior engineer & gained experience working on a large range of different types of projects (i.e. Retail – new Tesco Superstores UK wide, Pharmaceutical – Laboratories & Clean Rooms, Offices, Hospitals, Refurbishments etc), subsequently moving into Commissioning Management in the mid 1990’s which was at that point in it’s infancy and wasn’t recognised as the necessary role it has developed into in more recent years.

At this point I was appointed to carry out the overall Commissioning Management at Zeneca (AstraZeneca) sites at Alderley Park & Macclesfield in Cheshire. This was a full time role that I carried out over a number of years & I was involved in many landmark projects (i.e. Sterile Plants – SPP’s, Tablet Packing Halls, R & D – Laboratories & Chemical Plants plus New Offices etc). All important projects in the field of Health Care & Patient Care/Treatment.

I have also carried out Commissioning Management of numerous other projects alongside AstraZeneca over more recent years. These include a major new prison, Liverpool One shopping centre, Nuclear Plants, Apartment Buildings.

I was appointed as Project Director at End Systems in 2018. I am responsible for the delivery of numerous projects (commissioning, documentation & water treatment), commercial & resource. I direct a team of office & site based operatives, interfacing directly with clients both existing and new to maintain and develop relationships.

The industry & the world has certainly developed and evolved since I started in 1986. New engineering innovations, computers/internet, Sat Nav, value engineering, driverless cars, working from home are all now considered the ‘norm’. Most of these things are a positive!

Taking into account all of the above, I still go by one saying ‘You Only Get Out What You Put In’.

End Systems Engineering Week – Nick Boardman

Recently we had a chat with our very own Nick Boardman about what engineering means to him, and what he enjoys about it too.

Nick started with us in 2010 as a Student Engineer, and has progressed to Senior Commissioning Engineer. Here’s what Nick had to say:

‘I’m a second generation engineer, following in the footsteps of my dad into the building services industry via End Systems. Growing up I was unsure of what my dad did as a job, as he found it difficult to explain what being a HVAC engineer was. Me and my brother would always come across some fancy piece of equipment in the house and would always get told off for playing with it.

I always knew I wasn’t destined for a job behind a desk and when my dad informed me of the possibility to join End Systems, I jumped at the chance and applied. Now 10 years later I can honestly say it was the best decision I made when deciding my career path. And I would like to Thank Brian Townsend for giving me the opportunity and taking a chance on me.

Being a Senior Engineer within End Systems I find myself running large scale projects; from tube stations to hospitals up and down the country whilst supervising a small to large team. My day to day activities can range from working on ventilation, LTHW, CHW or DHW systems varying in size depending on their application. Whilst working on these systems it is also my responsibility with my experience to aid the development of the younger engineers at the company.

Working in the building services industry is interesting as each day poses a different challenge, as every issue that occurs is always different and finding the solution is very satisfying. Being able to work all over the country which enables me to meet and speak to different people and hearing all their stories is a just one perk of the job.’

Engineering Week 2020 – A Look Into End Systems

This week we’re celebrating our very own Engineering Week at End Systems!

We’ll be posting a series of interviews and informative pieces, ranging from insights into how some of our team members got into engineering and what they enjoy about it, to some project case studies, so keep your eyes peeled!