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April 2020

End Systems – Supporting the NHS & Keyworkers

As you may have seen from our previous content, we have continued to operate since the changes brought about by COVID-19, and still continue to operate, albeit slightly differently than we’re used to!

We thought now would be a pertinent time to express our gratitude and thanks to the NHS and multitude of Key Workers throughout the country who are risking everything to keep us going as a nation.

End Systems are extremely proud to be involved in many of the healthcare transformation projects up and down the UK which are helping to combat this awful virus.

It’s times like these when we can sit and appreciate the little things, appreciate the fact that we can conquer this together, and once this is all behind us, look back at how we worked as a nation to adapt, overcome and change things for the better.

#nhsthankyou #keyworkers #togetherness