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Women in Construction

👷‍♀️What jobs are available for women in construction?👷‍♀️

Digitally drawn image of two women in construction PPE on a blue background with #WomenInConstruction written over their heads

Across the construction industry, women are very underrepresented. This is why movements like #WomenInConstructionWeek2023 are so important. What jobs are available for women in construction?

Here at End Systems we have women working in a variety of streams across the company and we are always invested in our team. The women in our team work a variety of roles at different levels, including both site and office work.

We hope to see a change in the inequality across the industry in the coming years. Thank you to all the women here at End Systems and out there in the industry who are empowering a new generation of women to join this challenging and rewarding industry.

If you would be interested in a career at End Systems, follow the link!