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🌟 Client Feedback 🌟

Our quality speaks for itself…

Here we have client feedback from recent projects that we have worked on.

“During the project ESL resourced it correctly at all times and even went above and beyond at times in order for us to achieve key commissioning milestones.”


“There was no issues with health and safety during the project from the ESL operatives.”


“Having the team on site we were fully confident that they were working within a safe culture and environment.”

Well done to the End Systems team for consistently striving for excellency in all that we do!

🤔 What is HVAC Commissioning and Testing? 🤔

HVAC Commissioning Engineer in PPE inspecting ductwork

Commissioning & Testing involves verifying that HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are installed and working as designed as well as ensuring the systems are functioning properly and efficiently as a collective entity.

Commissioning and Testing takes systems from installation stage of static completion to full working order to specified requirements and to meet all regulatory requirements.

From small simple projects up to the large complex installations across various facilities such as: Offices/Hospitals/Pharmaceutical/Nuclear/Data Centres.

End Systems provides qualified and experienced Commissioning Engineers who are all graded according to the Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) and are fully conversant with all HVAC regulations and technologies.

👷‍♂️ Ensure your HVAC system is performing at its peak with the help of our Commissioning Engineers! 👷‍♂️

If you would like to read more about what we do, check out our service offering here!

👷‍♀️What jobs are available for women in construction?👷‍♀️

Digitally drawn image of two women in construction PPE on a blue background with #WomenInConstruction written over their heads

Across the construction industry, women are very underrepresented. This is why movements like #WomenInConstructionWeek2023 are so important. What jobs are available for women in construction?

Here at End Systems we have women working in a variety of streams across the company and we are always invested in our team. The women in our team work a variety of roles at different levels, including both site and office work.

We hope to see a change in the inequality across the industry in the coming years. Thank you to all the women here at End Systems and out there in the industry who are empowering a new generation of women to join this challenging and rewarding industry.

If you would be interested in a career at End Systems, follow the link!