Building expectation into reality

The construction, refurbishment or alteration of any building project can be complex and daunting. Here at End Systems we provide a full soft landings service to ensure you have a trusted partner with you every step of the way who will bridge the gap between expectation and reality and help you really make the most of your building.

The Soft Landings Process

With End Systems as your soft landings partner we utilise our proven 5-stage process (based on the Building Services Research and Information Association industry-standard framework for construction delivery) to facilitate a seamless transition between construction and occupation – and beyond.

  1. Inception and briefing – An opportunity for designer, constructor and client to come together for initial discussions.
  2. Design development – Where the entire project team gain insights and learn lessons from similar projects and really start to understand how the building will work.
  3. Pre-handover – A chance for operators to really spend some time getting to know the interfaces and systems before occupation.
  4. Initial aftercare – Where systems are fine tuned, initial issues ironed out and post-occupant surveys (POEs) take place.
  5. Extended aftercare – Resolution of any issues from the POEs and recording of lessons learnt for future projects.

Using detailed planning processes including latest planning software and your own bespoke soft landings work plan End Systems will allay any apprehensions that may exist in delivering a facility fit for purpose.


End Systems has over 40 years’ experience in understanding and managing the processes required in delivering fully functioning facilities.

End Systems proactive approach identifies issues before they arise and avoids costly resolution.

Expectations are managed in a realistic way to ensure the transition from construction to occupation and beyond is seamless.

End Systems has proven planning, process documentation and feedback systems in place for both pre- and post-handover to help you understand and make the most of your building.

Soft Landings & EndDocs

An informed client is the key to a successful Soft Landing, sharing information therefore is a crucial logistic in the delivery of any building.

Maximise the benefits of our Soft Landings Consultancy Service by integrating the Work Plan onto the EndDocs collaboration platform.

During the final construction phase, all of the assembled handover documentation can be available to the client and their FM Teams, while post occupancy, EndDocs becomes the perfect repository for Seasonal Testing, Post Occupancy Evaluations and Maintenance Records.