End Systems specialise in testing of fume cupboards generally in line with the new European Standard EN14175.

This would comprise the following:

  • Inner Plane Containment Testing
  • Smoke Testing (Air Flow Visualisation)
  • Face Velocity Testing
  • Room Air Velocity Testing

The Inner Plane Containment Testing utilises our specialist equipment which releases a tracer gas inside each fume cupboard at pre-determined positions. Any gas reaching the plane of the sash will be sampled by an array of 9 probes positioned directly opposite the release and concentration levels will be recorded by means of a calibrated infra red gas analyser connected to a data logger.

Fume cupboard face velocity testing is carried out across the sash aperture set to the sash stop position using our specialised Velcheck equipment which measures the air velocity with 3 probes simultaneously at predetermined positions and average face velocity is calculated by software in the connected computer.

Fume Cupboard Testing