Building efficiency and savings into everyday use

As the UK construction industry continues to take giant strides in reducing its carbon footprint, much focus is now moving to the post-occupancy phase of a building’s life.

With technology and construction methods already having a major impact, forward-thinking and proactive building owners are also turning to post-occupancy evaluations (POE) as method of combating inefficient energy use and ensuring their building are operating in line with expectations.

The End Systems post-occupancy evaluation service

The End Systems post-occupancy evaluation service offers in-depth technical evaluation of buildings, new or old, and analyses all areas of operation, including user comfort, statutory requirements and energy use.

A detailed report is then produced, containing a list of recommendations and improvements to increase the efficiency of the building and, crucially, reduce your costs. Undertaken as part of the End Systems soft landings after-care process, at the outset of any POE we consult with the people who really matter (building owners, users and users, and maintenance teams), while also engaging with relevant teams involved in the construction (architects, designers, constructers and installers). We then use the feedback from this to identify key areas for improvement and create a bespoke POE that delivers a detailed assessment about where energy improvements and, ultimately, savings can be achieved.


  • All POEs are conducted by fully qualified engineers with vast experience in this complex area
  • POEs can be carried out as part of ESL’s wider package of services, meaning no aspect of your building’s performance is left unchecked
  • Included within each bespoke POE is a CIBSE TM22 energy assessment and report, which provides an analytical review of energy performance based on metered energy usage.
  • Three levels of assessment are available, meaning you can choose the option best suited to your needs in terms of the building’s age, condition, usage, etc.

To find out more about building savings into your facility via End Systems post-occupancy evaluation service, contact us today.