“By managing thermal comfort, you are likely to improve the morale and productivity as well as health and safety “ – HSE

How’s your workplace dealing with these record temps?

Here at End Systems we can ensure your HVAC systems are up-to-scratch and conformable for this current climate and meet current building legislation.

We offer a variety of services which can assist in easing your workplace needs, which can involve the following:

💡 Checking your HVAC system(s) flowrates and operating statistics to see whether the current flowrates meet design and if they are sustainable.

💡 Checking whether there is fan duty remaining to increase air flow for modifications or for a specific area.

💡 Checking if there are sufficient air changes present based off current room occupancy & size.

💡 Checking the temperature, humidity & air quality in workspaces to determine whether the HVAC is operating efficiently.

💡 Surveying the exact location(s) of all your HVAC plant so you can identify what serves specific areas, helping locate the plant if needed.

We also offer a variety of other services at End Systems, please visit our Services Page.