Recently we’ve completed on a project in Sweden with great success!

Our team of two, Chris Thomason and Dan Murray worked out there for a total of 34 days, experiencing a different culture (and temperature), whilst also working to help our client get the project over the line.

Our Project Director Steve Kelly had this to say about our time over there:

“We are always energised to commence works on any new project, but this one really excited the team. Logistical planning was tested to the extreme with not only travel, accommodation and equipment to navigate but also in the midst of a global pandemic. The whole team stepped up to the plate, with both the internal operations team and the site based engineers playing a part in ensuring we set off on the front foot.

Once we arrived in Sweden and the engineers adapted to the extreme temperatures, we worked tirelessly to overcome all of the usual challenges presented in final building completion testing and handover.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to the entire team who stepped up when called and facilitated a successful delivery.”