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End Systems – 2006 – We’re 30!

In the same year that Twitter launched, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion and Daniel Craig debuted as 007…. End Systems threw a Hollywood themed party at the then Reebok Stadium to celebrate 30 Years of business!

By all accounts the night was filled with enough fun and frolics to keep the team reminiscing for weeks, with the evening consisting of dancing, romancing and some singing waiters!

At 30 we had already achieved so much, and had been in situ at Redwater House for 6 years by then….. Keep your eyes peeled all next week as we will be taking our history tour to its final destination…

End Systems Moving On Up in the Year 2000!

The next update on our historical tour is one of office moves! From our very first office at Market Arcade, we then moved to Alder House, Leigh in 1986, an old mill steeped in history and with enough room to accommodate our ever growing team!

Whist at Alder House, End Systems continued to grow as a company, so much so that we ended up installing temporary portable cabins in the car park to house our newly acquired draughtsmen to trace out as-built drawings…. yes that did happen pre computers!

The whole End Systems team continued to strive and grow, and in the year 2000 it was time to move again…… this time upscaling again to occupy Redwater House and Brunswick House, just a 5 minute drive from Alder House.

We still occupy both of these buildings today, with the team continuing to grow and develop year on year!

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate another milestone for End Systems, keep your eyes peeled!

End Systems – 1999 – IIP Accreditation

In the same year that everyone was fretting about the Millennium Bug, the Euro was introduced as currency and ‘Posh & Becks’ became Mr & Mrs… End Systems became a member of Investors In People (IIP).

This represented a major change in the culture at End Systems, and further enhanced our status as a recognised leader in our industry. Headed up by Barry Briers and Kay Corlett, we continue to be members to this day, with the cultures and practices embedded in our business processes.

To find out more about our history and keep up to date with our latest news, keep an eye out every day this week and next week!

End Systems Turns 20!

Ever since its incorporation in 1976, End Systems achieved milestone after milestone, and grew from strength to strength, so much so that in 1996, on 19th May, we celebrated 20 Years of business!

In that same year The Spice Girls were promoting Girl Power, Oasis and Blur were at the height of their ‘Brit Pop War’, VHS would soon be a thing of the past and Dolly The Sheep was the first mammal to be successfully cloned!

In End Systems world, we had new starters such as Stuart Kelly, who is now our longest serving Commissioning Manager.

Ian Lysons, Kay Corlett, Clair Hilton, Andrew Boardman and Phil Spencer all clocked over 10 Years’ service! All of which we might add are now in the 30 Years+ Service club….

End Systems & The CSA

Week two of our look back into our history starts with our long standing relationship with the Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA).

We’re proud to state that we’ve been member of the association ever since its inception in 1990, and have used its grading structure as the backbone of our training program ever since.

Over the years we have won countless CSA awards, and have enjoyed success at each CSA Grade level, all the way up to the much coveted Grade 6.

The next stop on our End Systems history tour will celebrate a big milestone for us! Keep a look out tomorrow……….