The value of expertly written and well-presented O&M Manuals is increasingly obvious to both clients and contractors alike.

Steve Kelly, Documentation Manager at End Systems, shares his thought on the rising popularity of professionally written documentation after 28 years of experience in this field;

“It isn’t too long ago when O&M’s were considered as somewhat of an afterthought which were often thrown together in the closing days of a project to attract that tick in the box.

Little thought was given to their technical content or ease of use, let alone the wider benefit of efficiently operated buildings.

Faced with rising fuel costs, building owners are now presented with technically complex facilities designed to operate in combat with these increased running costs. It is therefore of fundamental importance that clients and their facility teams are well appraised on the intended operating and maintenance regimes if buildings life cycle costs are to be realised.

The most advanced lighting control systems, intended to provide all manner of intricate operation are fundamentally floored if commissioned badly or nobody instructs the Building Manage how to use them!

End Systems have built their business model on ensuring that buildings are handed over fit for purpose with an educated client, the very essence of good customer service and delivery.

We have developed a host of services to ensure that design intent is both delivered and communicated to the people who matter – Your Clients.

These services include:-

1. O&M Manuals
2. Building User Guides
3. TM31 Energy Logbooks
4. As Fitted Drawings
5. Client Video Training
6. On-Line O&M Manuals
7. H&S Files
8. Soft Landing Consultancy

Recent feedback also suggests that modest investment made in this type of professional service at the tail end of projects gives contractors an improved customer service deliverable and reduced call back during the defects liability period providing for an overall cost saving.”