Here at End Systems we are fully aware that the market is becoming increasingly competitive, resulting in customers looking to use suppliers that can not only meet their needs, but who can also provide assurance in terms of practices, procedures, quality assurance and compliance with legislation.

That’s why, in order to highlight how seriously we take this area, we have decided to adopt ContractorPlus to demonstrate our compliance with all health and safety legislation relevant to our works.

A wide range of companies – including big names such as Peel Holdings, Harvey Nichols, CBRE and Selfridges – use accreditation with this industry-renowned online system to ensure their workforce and all contractors used are of a proven standard, to make sure they work safely at all times and maintain compliance with all aspects of health and safety.

Also, by becoming members of this scheme it reduces the need for completion of arduous PQQs for each and every project, as ContractorPlus manages all of this on an annual basis.